Transcend the Simple Monkey Mind

by Chris T. Armstrong

Maybe you’ve noticed a lot of human-primates causing a lot of suffering and all-around mayhem around the world. And while, in the totality of human behavior, only a small number of our fellow monkey-minded “primitive-thinkers” are the instigators of these dark-shenanigans, it’s good for us all to put some effort into things that can lead us to eventually evolve past our tribal, them/us, either/or, primate, “leftover monkey shit” to “transcend the simple monkey-mind.” (as Joe Rogan puts it).

“We didn’t evolve through billions of years to remain animals.” — Zoltan Istvan

“Fight your mind monkey. Take control. Reason against reflex. Instincts lose much of their power over you when you understand them. The only way to be at peace is to get to know your inner monkey.

“Train it. Train it just like you would train a real monkey. Most of all, show them love and beauty.

“But remember, it can only look where you look. They can only see what you see. You must show them. You must look for the beauty.”

I love this video: